Tyrrell Receives STEM Lab Grant

With the funds given to us, we have been able to order an abundance of STEM related kits, activities, and educational resources to add to our newly formed STEM Lab. Earlier in the year, construction was completed at our campus which included an additional 21 classrooms and a state of the art library. The additional space and new technology supplied by the district allowed us to open a second lab area that we have deemed our new STEM Lab. Students in grades K-5 use the lab once a week for a 30-minute time period. This approach reaches approximately 800 students per week. The items we were able to order will help us to elaborate on the engineering aspect of the STEM concept. Items are arriving daily and will be introduced to our students during the week of February 18th- 22nd as we acknowledge our first Engineers Week promoted by DiscoverE.

Representatives will be on campus Thursday, February 21st to visit the STEM Lab and see the items being used by our students.