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Mission Statement
Our mission is to produce an environment that will allow the student to realize his/her potential socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually in order to become a productive member of our multicultural society.
Looking toward the future starting TODAY!
Our Namesake, “Captain” W.C. Tyrrell
Captain Wiliam Casper Tyrrell was born in Oxford Mills, Iowa into a farming family. The title “Captain” was a nickname given to him in school. He was often referred to as “Cap,” a shortening of his middle name Casper, and “Captain” came about naturally.

He had a very entrepreneurial spirit even as a young man and was always seeking ways to benefit himself and his family. In 1900, he ventured south on an excursion train to Port Arthur hoping to find cheap land to purchase and develop or resell. He quickly recognized the potential for the city to be a shipping hub for grain from the Iowa and Minnesota area, so he set about trying to accomplish this. He even arranged for a small hotel to be built along the seawall to accommodate crewmen and passengers from the few ships that would come upstream to anchor in Port Arthur.


When the Spindletop oil well blew in 1901, Capt. Tyrrell quickly moved over to Beaumont to become involved in this new opportunity, but he never forgot or lost interest in Port Arthur. He became involved in trading oil and gas properties along the Gulf Coast in both Texas and Louisiana. He held interest in Spindletop, Sour Lake, Batson, Anahuac, Humble, Crosby, and Katy. One of his early ventures was financing the Heywood Brothers in drilling a well near Jennings, Louisiana. This venture was very successful. He also bought several sections of poor quality land in Pecos County from the State of Texas when the state was forced into such sales in order to pay for state expenses and salaries.


Capt. Tyrrell also started several businesses by financially backing a younger man who had a good business idea. There was a Tyrrell Hardware Company, a Tyrrell Rice Mill, and later the Tyrrell Combest Realty Co., where he joined with Mr. Ross Combest to develop housing projects in Port Arthur and Beaumont. One of their earliest projects was the Griffing Park subdivision in Port Arthur. The Griffing Park neighborhood surrounds the Tyrrell Elementary campus. Later projects in Beaumont include Caldwood, Minglewood, and Fig Acres. This company also developed the Port Acres addition to the city of Port Arthur.

In the early 1920s, Capt. Tyrrell purchased the original First Baptist Church building in Beaumont and donated it to the City of Beaumont to use as a library. This property still houses the historical library collection for Beaumont and Jefferson County. That same year, he donated a tract of land of some 640 acres to the City of Beaumont for use as a public park. Tyrrell Park is still in use today as one of Beaumont’s best facilities, featuring an 18-hole golf course, a large garden area with a tropical plant nursery, designated areas for various plant and flower species, and a nice building for meetings and occasions. There is also a special memorial monument for victims of the September 11, 2001 attack on America.

Capt. Tyrrell died in 1924 and is interred in a mausoleum at Magnolia Cemetery in Beaumont. He was predeceased by his wife Helen and survived by his sons W.C., Jr (Will) and Harry and daughters Helen (Rorick) and Esther (Garth).