Ms. Mary Alfaro » WELCOME to KINDERGARTEN!!!


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School phone number (409) 984-4660
Text @alfaro3315 to 81010 to receive text message reminders and connect with the teacher on the Remind app
Please help your child to log on to the Schoology website by 9. This video will show you how!
This video will show you how to help your child log on to our virtual learning website called Schoology.  If you still have questions, please let me know.  Students will need to be logged in to their device with their school email and password.  This information was on the box that their tablet came in.  It was also in the email that I sent you. 
Available times for conferences/ questions:
*** Please keep in mind that during instructional times, my focus will be on the students and I will not be able to answer calls or emails. Thank you for your understanding!
School Supplies:
The only supplies they will need during online learning is paper and a pencil.  It can be a notepad, spiral notebook, copy paper etc.  We will be writing in our journals each week to give the kids a chance to express and share their thoughts and feelings.  
A Note from the Teacher: "Welcome to Tyrrell Elementary!  I am so excited to be your child’s kindergarten teacher this year.  I know you must have a million questions, and I completely understand.  I am the mother of two boys myself, and being a parent in the middle of a pandemic is quite scary, to say the least.  Please know that we will make it through this together.  Things may change weekly or even daily, as we navigate through this new normal of remote learning, but it is my promise to you that I will do my very best to communicate with you and keep you informed of any and all new information and changes as far as PAISD is concerned this school year.  I will make it very easy for you to communicate with me through e-mail, the Remind app, and by phone. I want you to feel confident about this school year and our classroom/ school/ and district processes and procedures as we move forward, so that you will know how to best guide and support your child this school year.  I understand that most of you work and have more than one child.  I completely understand, as a single working mother, that this is a lot to put on a parent, especially during these uncertain times.  If you can just give me a couple of weeks to help me train your child in the rules and procedures of my class, it is my hope and intention that they should then be able to log in daily and complete assignments on their own and with my support.  I know that you have enough on your plate right now and I do not expect you to be your child’s teacher.  That is my job and I am honored to do it.  I will be asking that you work with your child with flash cards on things like sight words and to listen to them read as the year progresses, but be assured that these are normal kindergarten homework assignments that in class learners have every year.  So, please take a deep breath and try to relax.  We will get through this.  I will do everything in my power to make this year as stress free as possible, as well as a huge success.  Thank you so much and welcome to my class."


Expectations and Guidelines for Online Learning


*Students will be present each day at the assigned time. Students must be logged in and ready to learn at the assigned time.  Please begin logging in a few minutes early so that they do not miss any instruction.


*Students will be dressed appropriately.  They do not have to wear school uniforms, but should be dressed in daily wear- no pajamas, nightgowns, robes, etc.


*Only the student enrolled in the class will attend online learning.  Please no siblings.  Parents, are welcome and encouraged to join. 


*Parents, while we encourage you to work alongside with your student, especially in the lower grades, please remember that it is your child’s responsibility to learn the new information.  If you are telling them the answers or doing the work for them, then you are only hurting your child. 


*Please provide a quiet space, free from distraction, to the best of your ability, for your student to participate in online learning.


*Students should not be eating, playing with toys or pets during online instruction.  They need to be focused on their teacher and actively listening to the lesson.


*If your student will be using an IPad or tablet, please help them to prop it up so that they can see the teacher and the teacher can see them.  Remind them to leave the tablet where it is at.  They should not need to move the tablet while the teacher is teaching.  (They will need to move it to do their assignments on it.)


*Please be sure to charge all learning devices every night or have them plugged in during online instruction, so that they don’t miss anything important.


*Students should not have radios or TVs on in the background as this will distract them from learning.


*Microphones should stay on mute, unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.  If you do not know how to turn the microphone on and off, please ask the teacher.  If you are not able to sit through the lesson with your child, please show them how to do it.  Please remind them to only unmute it when told by the teacher.


*Parents, please understand that just like in person teaching, online teaching only allows for a limited time for parent interaction.  Please know that we are here to answer all questions and assist you in every way that we can, but when we are actively teaching online, our main focus must be the students.  We will not be able to answer emails, phone calls, parent questions, or video calls during the time we are teaching. We appreciate your patience.


 Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  We look forward to an AMAZING school year and greatly appreciate your active participation as we build the leaders of tomorrow.